Zoom Tools

Zooming can be done with conventional Revit methods while Ideate Explorer is up and running but there are some conditions when it will be useful to access the tools from within Ideate Explorer.  Follow these steps for an example of where this is useful:

  1. Open a 3D View in a project.
  2. Set the Display to "Active View"
  3. Set the Filter to <Model>
  4. Select one instance of an element in the project.
  5. Right-click and select "Show Elements"
  6. This will zoom in very close to that element.  If you need to zoom out a little your options are:
    1. Make the View active by touching it and then use Revit zoom tools (mouse, toolbutton, etc.).  The process of making the View active will, however, deselect the items within Explorer.
    2. Use the Zoom tools within Ideate Explorer.  This will permit the selection state to remain unchanged.

To Run Command

Select the element(s) in Results then:

 - OR -

TIP:  After expanding the checkbox choices to the end of the 'tree', double-click on the name of an element and zoom to a view where that element can be seen.

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