Right-click Menu

The right-click menu is activated by right-clicking on the mouse while the cursor is within the Results window as shown.

Ideate Delete

The Ideate Delete function provides a pause and the opportunity to cancel before the delete is complete.  

Detail View

When one or more elements is selected (checkbox) the Detail View option will be available.

Ideate Query

Ideate Query is a powerful search tool within Ideate Explorer that lets you browse through your selected elements and make a selection based on the parameters' values.

Show Elements

When one or more elements is selected (checkbox) the Show Elements option will be available.

Create Similar

This Revit command will use whichever element is currently highlighted (near the cursor) regardless of the number of elements checked.  The Create Similar command requires input from a single 'family and type' element.

Detail Element(s)

This will send information based on the cursor location to the Detail View. If the cursor is hovering over an instance, only that instance is sent.  If the cursor is hovering over the Category, then the entire category is sent to the Detail View. To send only the checked elements to the Detail View the Detail View option should be used.

Zoom Tools

The Zoom tools can be accessed both from the right-click menu and from the tool button. Learn more about Zoom Tools.

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