Using Auto-hide

For repetitive editing work it may be useful to leave Ideate Explorer for Revit open. For customers with dual monitors it might be useful to 'park' the Ideate Explorer dialog on the second monitor, but for those without a second monitor the ability to auto-hide Ideate Explorer during these repetitive tasks may prove useful.

To enable auto-hide, select the auto-hide button from the top right corner of the gray menu bar of the Ideate Explorer dialog.  Ideate Explorer will immediately minimize to the Control Bar state.

Ideate Query Dialog and Auto-hide

In order to focus the query results when you select the Ideate Query tool, the Auto-hide feature will be disabled when the Ideate Query Dialog window is displayed. Either selecting a sub-set of elements or canceling the Ideate Query Dialog will disable Auto-hide. Simply click on the Auto-hide button from the top right corner of the gray menu bar to enable Auto-hide again.

Control Bar

The Control Bar is the minimized state of Ideate Explorer. To move the Control Bar, place the cursor near the top or bottom edges along the dotted grip handles and then select the Control Bar with a left click to drag to a new location. The Control Bar is centered along the left or right edge of Ideate Explorer depending upon whether the main dialog is placed to the right or left of the Revit screen area.

To restore the Control Bar back to the full Ideate Explorer dialog, just move your cursor slowly over the Control Bar, sweeping left to right or right to left.    You can continue to work within the Ideate Explorer dialog. When your cursor moves out of the dialog for several seconds, the Ideate Explorer dialog will again minimize to the Control Bar.

If you do not wish Ideate Explorer to reduce to the Control Bar, select the auto-hide button again to disable auto-hide.

TIP: Placing the Ideate Explorer dialog as shown below will locate the Control Bar in a convenient location near the Revit Navigation bar and yet will not impede the use of the vertical scroll bar.

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