How Do I Use Explorer to Swap Types?

Ideate Explorer can be used to select elements within the same category but with differing family:types for the purposes of swapping or merging types. A common example would be to take all of your lines from an exploded DWG and then merge then onto the Medium linetype.

  1. Start Ideate Explorer.
  2. In the Results list, expand the hierarchy to get the family or families that you would like to change.
  3. Select the checkbox next to the building elements whose family you would like to change. The elements are now selected in Revit.
  4. Move to the Properties palette and use the Type Selector dropdown list to change the family type of the selected building elements.

NOTE: For lines, instead of using the Properties palette, look for the Line Style selector from within the Modify | Lines tab as shown. You can use the Search text filter to quickly find all Lines that include any keyword, e.g "hidden-".

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