Keynotes and Revisions

Revit provides information on keynotes via the keynote legend and on revisions in the form of the revision schedule. However, the process of finding and reviewing keynotes and revision clouds within their respective views is a very labor intensive task. How can we track down any inappropriate keynote or revision instances?

Auditing Keynotes

To audit the keynotes within a project:

  1. Set the Display to "Entire Project". This will display all instances of keynotes regardless of whether they are visible or hidden within your project.
  2. Next, select the box at the top of the Keynote Category, putting all keynotes into the selection set.
  3. Change the Display to "Current Selection" so that we can focus only on these keynote entities.
  4. Double-click on each of the Keynote instances to visually inspect each keynote.  
  5. If Revit indicates that 'No Good View' can be found then refer to this topic for tips: No Good View Message.

TIP:  To determine which type of Keynotes have been used, select all Keynotes and then use Ideate Query to review the property called "Key Source" as shown.

Auditing Revision Clouds

The same process used to audit Keynotes can also be applied to Revision Clouds. It's a great way to ensure that clouds are assigned to the correct sequence. Bear in mind that Revision Cloud visibility is often impacted by the settings within the Revision dialog.

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