Sorting Tab

The Sorting tab within Link Properties allows you to organize the data by controlling the sort order on a per column basis.  The controls on this tab impact both the Link Preview and the Excel file results on export.  You can sort data by text (A to Z or Z to A) or by numbers (smallest to largest or largest to smallest).  Sort criteria are saved with the link and are re-applied each time that you open Ideate BIMLInk.

The Property column displays only the list of properties identified from within the Properties tab as part of the link, so the maximum number of sorting rows is equal to the number of properties within the link.  The data will be sorted by using the topmost row first, with any additional sorting done in order from the top down.  After selecting the Order (A to Z, Smallest to Largest, etc.), the up and down buttons can be used to move the position of the sorting rows.  Use the 'x' button to delete a sort row.


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