Properties Tab

​​The Properties tab within the Link Properties dialog allows you to edit the element properties used by a link.

Available Properties
Lists the element properties available for use by a link. For more information about the kinds of properties that can be used by a link, see Available Properties.

Select available properties from:
This drop-down list filters the Available properties.  The top item in this list, selected by default, filters the Available properties so only properties from the primary category are displayed.  (In addition, if the link is an Instance Link, the Type properties are shown too.)

Related categories (if any) will display below the primary category.  If a related category is selected, only properties from that related category will be displayed in Available properties.  Related categories are not available for Type-based Links.

Include Linked Elements
Learn how to use the Include Linked Elements option.

Add and Remove Buttons
Select the Add or Remove buttons to add or remove Revit element properties from the link.

Display filters
Learn how to filter the list of Available Properties in the Display Filters and Grouping topic.

Display Grouping
Learn how to re-sort the list of Available Properties in the Display Filters and Grouping topic.

Linked Properties
Lists the Revit element properties that are currently used by the link.

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