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Filtering Examples

How can I filter out Unplaced but keep Unbound Room/Space/Areas?

The Sample Link called "Rooms-Finish_Data", which can be found within the Architectural sub-folder, is setup to exclude any unplaced Rooms and yet contains any Rooms that may be unbound.  This is done by using a filter based upon the Level: Name and using the Condition of "is not equal to" with a value of [empty], as shown in the image.

How can I only export Types that are in use?
The custom Ideate BIMLink 'Usage' properties can be used as a way to prevent un-used type-based data from being included within the export.  The Sample Link called "Wall-Types_Used" uses the "Type Usage Count" as a filter to exclude any type from the list if it is un-used (must have more than 0).  Learn more about custom Ideate BIMLink properties.

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