Ideate BIMLink Messages

The following are explanations of Ideate BIMLink error and warning messages you may encounter.

Excel Related Errors

Link Related Errors

Import Issue Errors

Excel Related Errors

Unable to open Excel File. 

This warning can occur during either the Import from Excel or the Export to Excel if the spreadsheet is an .XLSX file format and contains a formula that references a table cell. Ideate BIMLink does not process the "]", related to the Table reference, properly within the .XLSX file format.

Example:  =CONCATENATE([@[Family and Type]],"-1")

The resolution is to change the reference from the Table to a Cell reference OR to save the file as an .XLS file.

Unable to save Excel File. 

This warning can occur during the Export to Excel if the spreadsheet is already open in Excel. The resolution is to close the spreadsheet file in Excel and try Export to Excel again.

Unable to import Excel spreadsheet. Excel columns do not match link properties.

During Import from Excel, an attempt is made to match the Excel spreadsheet with an link defined in Revit current project. If a link with the same name is found in the current Revit project, but the Excel column headers and the link property names do not match, this message is displayed. 

This warning may occur if a spreadsheet was exported from another Revit project, or a link has been edited within the current Revit project. See also Excel Naming Conventions.

Unable to import Excel spreadsheet. Excel worksheet name does not match any available link name.

During Import from Excel, an attempt is made to match the Excel spreadsheet with an link defined in the current Revit project.  If a matching link cannot be found, this message is displayed.

This warning may occur if a spreadsheet was exported from another Revit project, or a link has been deleted or renamed within the current Revit project. See also Excel Naming Conventions.

Link Related Errors

The link < LinkName > contains parameters that do not exist in this Revit project. The missing parameters have been removed from the link.

This error can occur after the Export to Excel or Link Properties commands are started.

Links can contain both Shared and Project parameters that can be deleted after the link has been defined and saved. When this happens, this error is displayed and the missing parameter is removed from the link definition. This error can also occur if a key parameter has been renamed within a Revit Key Schedule.

There is no action item other than to be aware that the link has been redefined to exclude the missing parameter(s).

If you are editing the link properties, you can choose 'Cancel' to revert these changes. Exporting will always apply the change. An undo in Revit will revert the Link (and any other changes).

Level 'above' and 'below' filters are not supported.

Revit allows its Level-related properties, such as Base Constraint (Name) or Level (Name) properties to function both as a text field and as a numeric field and therefore can be utilized as a sort method where 'above' and 'below' have some meaning. When a Revit schedule is using these filtering properties Ideate BIMLink cannot apply a numeric-based filter to a text-based field. The workaround would be to use the Other Properties option from the Filter list and to select the Level (or Constraint): Elevation filter, as shown. If you do not know the Elevation value required to meet the numeric requirement, you can always add this Property from the Property tab first to determine an appropriate filter value.

See also Known Issues.

Issues were encountered while loading links.

This warning may occurs during Load Link. Use the Hide details / See Details button to learn more about this warning regarding duplicate link names. Ideate BIMLink will rename the newer link upon import to prevent duplicate link names.

Unexpected future version of link information

This error occurs when the version of the .link file being imported is more recent then the version of Ideate BIMLink that is currently installed. To work around this error either select a .link file that is compatible with your current version of Ideate BIMLink or upgrade to the latest version.

Changes to the .LINK  file format:

Unable to add parameter

This error will occur during the From Schedule process when the parameter specified in the schedule does not know which property to use within Ideate BIMLink. This can occur when there are duplicately named parameters. In some instances you will be able to find the parameter within Ideate BIMLink after the From Schedule process has been completed. The “Family” parameter currently has this challenge but can easily be resolved by picking “Family” from the list manually.

Unable to use Ideate BIMLink until [username] resaves the data storage to central...

Information about the links is saved within the Revit file within the 'data storage' area.  This error will occur if the current user is the one who turns on the worksharing and then uses Ideate BIMLink without first saving back to the central file.  The resolution is to do a 'Save to Central' so that the Data Storage workset can be borrowed.  

Link name...

Excel restricts the naming of worksheets and as Ideate BIMLink requires the worksheet name to match the name of the link, the link names must follow the Excel worksheet naming convention. Excel has the following restrictions for worksheet names.

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