Update the Structural Model

Quite often generic structural columns and structural framing elements will be placed at the beginning of a project as placeholders.  Then, after the formal analysis and design work is complete, those elements need to be swapped for the intended structural members.

Here are some tips to effectively manage Structural data within Ideate BIMLink to manage this Type Swapping.  In this example, Structural Columns are used but this also applies to other Revit model categories.

STEP 1 - Start with a Sample

The quickest way to update the Structural Columns is to use the Sample Link called "Structural_Columns-SWAP".  This is an Instance Link for the Structural Column category.

  1. Select the Load Sample... button.
  2. From the Source Directory drop-down, select ...\Structural Links.
  3. From the list of Available Files, select Structural_Columns-SWAP.  Note the description on the right.
  4. Select Next>
  5. On the Link Properties tab, notice that the Family and Type property is included in the Link.  This property is essential to Type Swapping.  
  6. On the Link tab, notice that the checkbox to “Export with dropdown values” is checked. This will create the drop-down list within the Excel file to make Type Swapping easier to manage.
  7. Add other properties as desired.
  8. Select Done to return to the main dialog.

STEP 2 - Export to Excel

  1. Select Link defined in the Steps 1 and use the Export button to save the Excel file.  
  2. Select OK when the export is complete.
  3. After the export is complete, select Open File.

STEP 3 - Edit in Excel

Large volumes of Structural Column data can now be edited within the Excel workbook.  The list of available types is displayed as a list to the right side of the exported data, as shown.


STEP 4 - Import the Changes

During the import process Ideate BIMLink will check to confirm that the selected Structural Column can be swapped for the newly specified column.  

Learn more:  Import Issues 

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