Use Ideate Sticky with Ideate BIMLink

Ideate BIMLink and Ideate Sticky are both solutions developed by Ideate that connect Revit and Excel.  Ideate BIMLink applies the Excel data to the Building Information Model elements while Ideate Sticky links the Excel information into Revit as a table (non-BIM data).  

There are several workflows where Ideate Sticky can be used to represent data that is derived from Ideate BIMLink.  In these instances the data is extracted from Revit, via Ideate BIMLink, but needs to be summarized or re-formatted within Excel in such a way that it cannot be round-tripped via Ideate BIMLink.  In these instances, Ideate Sticky can complete the task.  Below are listed just a few of these workflows, for reference.

Document Issue Records

Revision data can be exported from the Revit project via Ideate BIMLink, and then within Excel it can be re-organized in a matrix format as shown.  This matrix data can be re-imported into Revit via Ideate Sticky to be displayed on a Sheet.  Ideate BIMLink customers can request a macro-enabled Excel template that will automatically produce the results shown.  

Watch the video on YouTube.

Learn more about creating Issuance Records with Ideate BIMLink.

Plumbing Fixture Counts or Occupancy Summaries

Revit schedules that utilized IF/THEN statements can be difficult to use when summary level data is needed.  Plumbing calculations fall into this category where the conditional statement should only be applied to the subtotaled data (e.g. all of the Rooms or Areas within a Level) instead of each row of data.  In these situations the raw data can be exported via Ideate BIMLink and then within another worksheet the subtotals can be calculated and formatted in alignment with code requirements.  The formatted data can be brought back into Revit via Ideate Sticky.  Ideate BIMLink customers can request macro-enabled Excel templates to support both occupancy and plumbing fixture counts.

Learn more about Plumbing Fixture Counts in our blog post.

Filled Region Reporting
Revit does not support the scheduling of filled regions though Ideate BIMLink can export this data.  This can be useful for site planning or even simple shading studies.  If the resulting data needs to be represented inside of Revit it can be brought back into Revit via Ideate Sticky.

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