Import Linked File Data

Linked file data that has been exported via Ideate BIMLink can be re-imported into the linked (sometimes referred to as the 'child') Revit files only if the Id column matches an element or type defined within that file.  Due to the nature of the Revit IDs there is a risk of duplication across files when linked files are involved - this is why the linked file Id value has been prefaced with the unique file id number.  

If you want to import modified data from an Excel file that includes linked file data there some steps you will need to take to avoid this duplicate Id risk.  


  1. REQUIRED: Add the 'Element Id' field as the 1st property in the list of properties.
  2. OPTIONAL: Include a Project Info parameter such as the "Building Name" as the 2nd property.  Make sure the value for this Project Info property is filled out within each of the linked files.
  3. On the Sorting Tab, Sort on the 'Id' column (NOT the 'Element Id') to ensure that elements from each of the linked files are grouped together.  Other Sort fields may be added afterwards.  

NOTE:  Using Excel's 'Highlight Duplicates' function on Column B will give you some insight into this data management challenge!  If, by some stroke of luck, you do not have any duplicate Element Ids you can skip the part below where you need to make copies of the Excel files (Steps 6-7).




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