Create New Rooms or Spaces

Ideate BIMLink allows the creation of new unplaced Rooms and Spaces in Revit using data from an Excel spreadsheet. To create new Rooms or Spaces:

Tips for Creating Rooms / Spaces

Rooms and Spaces will be set to the Design Option associated with the active view when they are created, regardless of the value set for the Design Option in the Excel file. (This should be a grayed out, read only property if you included the Design Option name property in the link definition). If you need to create different Rooms / Spaces for different Design Options, follow these tips to ensure the best outcome:

Rooms and Spaces will be set to the Phase associated with the Phase set under the Filters Tab within the Ideate BIMLink properties dialog. This cannot be set to “All Phases.” It must be a selection from the drop-down list of Phases under the Phase Filter setting, which appears on the Filters Tab of the Ideate BIMLink properties dialog.

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