Assign Space Types

In order to properly analyze Revit Spaces for heating and cooling loads, the Space Type property needs to be assigned to each relevant Space.  This process can be time-consuming, as it involves selecting the space, then selecting the Space Type button, and then picking from a long list of hard-wired Space Types, as shown.

With Ideate BIMLink you can use the sample Link called "Space-Type_Assignments" and a Excel file with this list of all possible Space Types to make short work of this task. Here are the required steps:

  1. Select Load Sample and then use the drop-down list to browse to the MEP Links folder.
  2. Select the Link called ""Space-Type_Assignments" and the select Next to preview the properties and then Done to go back to the main dialog.
  3. Select Export to create a new Excel file.
  4. Select Open File to see the results.
  5. For each Space listed, use the dropdown menu as shown to select the appropriate Space Type.
  6. Save the file and use Import to import the changes back into Revit.

Select the Space Type


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