User Interface Overview

After starting Ideate BIMLink the main dialog is displayed.  

Displays any Link that has been created within the current project (.RVT).  The list of links will be empty for any new project unless a Link has already been defined within a Revit template.  For more information, see Saving Links and Loading Links.
Create a new link within the current project. For more information, see Creating Links.
Click the Properties button to add and remove Revit properties, and define property filters for the currently selected link.  For more information, see Link Properties.
Load Sample
Import out-of-the-box Links into the current Project. For more information, see Load Sample.
From Schedule
Get started quickly by re-using your existing schedules to create a new Link definition.  Learn more: Create from Schedule.

Click the Export button to export the currently selected link.  For more information, see Export to Excel.
Click the Import button to import an Excel file previously exported by Ideate BIMLink.  For more information, see Import from Excel.

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