Known Issues

This topic includes up-to-date information about any known issues related to IdeateApps.

Ideate ReNumber

There are no Known Issues yet. 

Ideate QuickSelect

There are no Known Issues yet. 

Ideate SmartDelete

There are no Known Issues yet. 

Ideate XRay

Visibility Reasons

Plan Regions are not yet supported.

Elements from linked Revit files are not yet supported.


Ideate SpellCheck

No Errors Found — Windows 10

If Ideate SpellCheck does not find any errors, then it may be that the operating system does not yet have an installed dictionary. When running on Windows 10, it may not work because platform spell-checking capabilities are available only for languages present in the input languages list. In Windows 10, when a language is added to the list of available keyboards, Windows automatically downloads and installs a corresponding Feature on Demand (FOD) package that provides spell-checking capabilities. By adding the language to the input languages list, the spell checker will be supported.

To fix this issue, go to the Control Panel>Languages and add the required language.

Revit Spell Check Settings Ignored

Ideate SpellCheck will ignore the Revit spellcheck settings and will always do the following:

Dependent Views

Ideate SpellCheck does not yet check the text on a parent view when the dependent view is placed on the Sheet. Text that appears as part of a dependent view can therefore only be checked by selecting the parent view.

Supported Revit Versions

Ideate SpellCheck is supported in Revit versions 2017 and newer. Due to API limitations in Revit 2016 it does not appear on the Add-ins tab by default, but can be manually enabled. Please see here for more info.


Ideate Sheet and View Tools

Ideate SheetManager

Views and Sheets that are filtered by the Project Browser are not filtered by Ideate SheetManager. Instead, these Views are noted as < No Folder >.

Ideate Align

There are no Known Issues yet. 

Ideate Clone

Sheets that are part of Assemblies are not currently supported by Clone. An Assembly-based Sheet that is created via Clone will be duplicated, but will not be able to be filed within the Project Browser under the Assemblies as expected.


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