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How Can I Select an Invisible Element?

Ideate XRay requires the selection of both an invisible element and a Target View. Sometimes selecting an invisible element can be challenging. There are four ways to select a hidden element:

  1. Using Revit, select the element in another view where it is visible and then launch Ideate XRay.
  2. Within Ideate XRay, use the Select Element button to pick the element in another open view.
  3. Within Ideate XRay, use the Select by Crossing Method.
  4. Use Ideate QuickSelect to select the element and then launch Ideate XRay.

Select by Crossing

The Select by Crossing button enables the user to make a crossing rectangle on a view as a way of selecting elements that may be hidden. This method works best if the rectangle is made as small as possible.  It will return a list of elements, both visible and invisible that have a bounding box that exists at least partially within the rectangle. The results are relative to the plane of the view.

Elements that are not supported by this method include: Grids, Levels and View References (elevation, section and callout markers). For these elements you will need to use one of the other methods noted above.

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