Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Ideate SheetManager?

You know you need Ideate SheetManager when:

How are Schedules and Legends Organized?

Ideate SheetManager organizes Schedules and Legends to help you quickly find what you need. The Schedules are organized automatically, as shown below. The Legends are organized first by Keynote Legend and ‘drafting’ Legend, but can be further organized as described below

Schedules and Legend organization

Organizing Legends

Legend are organized at the top level folder between Keynote Legends and ‘drafting Legends. If you have a lot of Legends and would like to organize them further, you may do so by applying a View Template to the Legends. Each View Template will become a folder within the SheetManager organization as shown.

Legends folder for Revit

Learn how to create a View Template.

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