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Avoid Unique Numbering Issues

Sheet Number, View Name, and Detail Number are all Revit properties that are required to be unique — no duplicates allowed. For this reason, modifying these elements via the Auto-update or Path methods can be challenging.  To work around this Revit requirement you can follow this numbering/naming strategy:

  1. Use or create a Rule that has a Constant part that can be used to prefix or suffix the existing values. A Sample Rule that is already setup this way is “Viewports — Detail on Sheet” as shown.Optional suffix for custom Rule in Ideate ReNumber
  2.  Before assigning the final numbers, set a value for the Optional Suffix.
  3. Select “Start Numbering”, then apply these as temporary values.
  4. Select ESC to finish the numbering.
  5. While still in the main dialog, remove the Optional Suffix and repeat steps 3-4.

This process will ensure that all Viewports on the Sheet have unique numbers.

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