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Revit Architecture Add-On Tool for Architects, Designers, and Planners

Ideate Explorer was developed specifically for the Revit community to quickly audit Building Information Model (BIM) projects. Architects, designers, and planners use our Revit Architecture add-on tool to search, filter, quantify, and manage over 100,000+ elements in a Revit model. Without Ideate Explorer, your production team and model managers alike are wasting time hunting and pecking through the Building Information model and are missing important opportunities for quality assurance.

Easily find and audit Keynotes and Revisions.

Select and manage room separation lines.

Find and fix dimensions that have been overridden.

Search, Filter, Quantify, and Manage over 100,000+ Revit Elements

With Ideate Explorer, Revit users can:

Ideate Explorer is used by architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) communities in nearly forty countries. Some customers use it to select and change all Types within a family. Others use it to find and manage inadvertent or deliberate CAD imports hidden within Revit files. Still others use it to dive deeply into a project, quickly discover what is missing or wrong, and get the project back on track. What Revit Architecture problems will you solve with the Ideate Explorer add-on tool?