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Keep your BIM Projects Clean and Accurate

Revit professionals use Ideate Explorer for Revit model management. With it, you can automatically search for, filter, quantify, index, and select any and all elements in the current view or entire Revit file – even ‘missing’ and hard-to-find ones.

The following two tools, included in the November 2015 update, add another layer of value to Ideate Explorer:

  • Ideate Navigate – Navigate through view-based elements within Revit—Legends, Schedules, Sheets and Views—and customize your browsing experience quickly without touching the Project Browser
  • Ideate Query – Search on parameters, such as elements assigned a certain size or modeled as in-place families, sheets based on Issuance numbers, and dimensions that have been overridden

Audit Families and Templates to use across projects.

Easily find and audit Keynotes and Revisions.

Safely move elements to a different level.

Save Time, Uncertainty, and Revit File Space with Ideate Explorer

Keep your Revit projects clean, delete problem items to dramatically reduce cumbersome, erroneous file size, and analyze files quickly. Find and delete incorrect, obsolete, and hidden problem items, including DWGs. Easily select all the Types within a Family in short order. No more need to manually select items in your Revit project. Tasks that once took hours and days take seconds. This essential, powerful Revit model management tool makes it easy to assess Revit file health, execute necessary changes quickly, and get a BIM project back on the right path.