Video Playlist for Architects and Designers

Maximize Revit’s Building Information Modeling with Ideate BIMLink

Ideate technology experts have created these clear, helpful videos specifically for architects and designers who want to use Ideate BIMLink to maximize efficiency from Autodesk Revit. Turbo-charge your utilization of Ideate BIMLink.  Know how to use all the tools and see how BIMLink drives massing objects from a Microsoft Excel-based space program. Push Revit-calculated values into tags.  Stop transcribing occupancy calculations in Revit. By putting Revit data into Excel, via Ideate BIMLink, we open up a host of simple to implement strategies for tackling a variety of naming and numbering problems that confront architects and engineers.  Learn more how architects and designers benefit from Ideate BIMLink.

More Ideate Videos

Ideate BIMLink - Overview on Data Management

Watch this six-minute video to learn how to quickly and easily manage Autodesk Revit Type- and Instance-based data in Excel with Ideate BIMLink. Learn how to: 1) Select the categories of Instance data in Revit to review, 2) Create an Instance link, 3) Define the list of properties to export, 4) Use BIMLink to export the data from Revit into Excel for editing, and 4) Use BIMLink to import the data back into Revit.

Ideate BIMLink Videos Playlists

  • Ideate BIMLink and Coordinate Data for VDC

  • What's New in Ideate BIMLink

  • Ideate BIMLink - Document Issue and Revision Records

  • Ideate BIMLink - 2-Step Quantity Takeoff

  • Ideate BIMLink - Experience the Value for AEC Firms

  • Ideate BIMLink - Automate Pre-Design: Programming with Rooms

  • Ideate Software: Building Dreams to Reality

  • Ideate BIMLink - Revit MEP Space Type Assignments

  • Ideate BIMLink and Google Sheets

  • Ideate BIMLink and MS Access

  • Ideate BIMLink - Renaming and Renumbering Simplified

  • Ideate BIMLink - Overview on Data Management

  • Ideate BIMLink - Managing your Revit Model Project Standards

  • Ideate BIMLink - Editing Revit Assembly Codes

  • Ideate BIMLink - Managing View References

  • Ideate BIMLink - Family Management

  • Ideate BIMLink - Structural Type Swapping

  • Ideate BIMLink - Managing Spaces

  • Ideate BIMLink - Automate Pre Design: Programming with Masses

  • Ideate BIMLink - Adding Carriage Returns

  • Ideate BIMLink - Occupancy Tags & Macro Fun

  • Ideate BIMLink - Renumbering and Renaming a COBie Example

  • Ideate BIMLink - Renaming Shared Parameters

  • Ideate BIMLink - Unlock Custom Key Schedules for MEP

  • Ideate BIMLink - Copy/Monitor the Data

  • Ideate BIMLink - Quality Control for Devices and Fixtures

  • Ideate BIMLink - Construction Sequencing

  • Ideate BIMLink - Hardware Key Schedule

  • Ideate BIMLink - Translate Your Revit Project

  • Ideate BIMLink - Manage View Templates

  • Ideate BIMLink - Annotation

  • Ideate BIMLink 2013 - Automatically Create Sheets

  • Ideate BIMLink - Automate Pre-Design: Programming with Rooms

  • Duplicate of Ideate BIMLink for Construction and Facilities