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Ideate BIMLink Support

Find out how to create new objects within Ideate BIMLink, why the tool sometimes turns grey, how to transfer your license to another machine, and more.

Top Technical Questions

Does Ideate BIMLink create new objects?
In addition to editing parameters, family names, and type names, Ideate BIMLink can also create new unplaced rooms, new unplaced spaces (2013), and new unplaced sheets (2013), new masses (2014), and new schedule keys (2014).

Can I transfer my license to a different machine?
Yes, the Help File has information about how to transfer your standalone license under Help>Licensing>Standalone Licensing>Standalone License Transferring.

Can I use Ideate BIMLink to edit my Revit Electrical Panel Schedule?
Revit electrical panel data is an aggregate of information coming from these sources: Electrical Panel element (Electrical Equipment), circuit elements, Location data (Spaces), and ‘calculated’ data (this is everything from the Panel “location” which is the Space Name+Number to the Apparent Load, etc.) What Ideate BIMLink cannot do is export data to Excel that looks like the Panel table and let you edit all the fields. It also cannot edit any of those calculated data fields and it cannot edit the circuit numbers. What Ideate BIMLink CAN do is export data about Electrical Equipment and let you edit most of the panel data. Then separately you can edit information about Spaces and some of the info about Circuits (name and description mostly).

Does Ideate BIMLink include access to linked file data?
Yes, this functionality was added in October 2014 to both Ideate BIMLink 2014 and to 2015.

Why is the Ideate BIMLink tool sometimes grayed out?
Ideate BIMLink is available EXCEPT when a perspective view is active – switching to any other type of view will enable the Ideate BIMLink tool.

Once I create a link with all the desired parameters, can I reuse the link in another project?
Yes, by right-clicking on the link definition it can be saved as an external file that can then be re-imported into another project or into a Revit template file.