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What’s got Structural Engineers Excited about Ideate’s Revit Structure Plugin?

Ideate BIMLink was developed specifically for the Revit community to simplify tasks and allow your team access to model data for more efficient project management. Structural Engineers can export BIM data into user-friendly Microsoft Excel, manipulate the data, and then push it back into Revit with ease and accuracy. This Revit Structure plugin makes asset tagging easy, and lets engineers accommodate sudden and unexpected changes quickly, even in projects of enormous size and complexity.

Manage assembly code data to connect the Revit model to specification or cost data.

Push calculated data, such as beam-cut lengths, into your tags with ease.

Manage design changes with easy and fast renumbering of details, floors, and more.

Export, Modify and Upload BIM Data Easily, Quickly and Accurately

With Ideate BIMLink, Revit Structure users can also:

Ideate BIMLink is used by structural engineers and AEC communities across the globe. Some of our customers use it in seismic safety projects to manage Microsoft Excel data for Anchors, Screw Piles, Rebar, Structural Foundations Pads, Structural Framing, Sheets, and Views. Others use this Revit plugin to eliminate redundant data entry and lower the risk of mistranslated data, saving costly delays. Coordinating sheet and drafting information across multiple departments and locations is quick and easy. What Revit Structure problems will you solve with the Ideate BIMLink?