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Enhance Project Deliverables with IdeateApps Revit MEP Applications

IdeateApps is a set of tools designed for the everyday Revit MEP user. Ideate XRay explains why you can’t see MEP objects in certain views. Ideate SmartDelete detects the related objects that will be deleted when a selected element is deleted. Ideate QuickSelect, your Revit project search engine, enables you to easily find and select elements.

These Revit MEP applications will streamline your daily tasks, freeing your time for more interesting and valuable activities.


Understand why lighting fixtures can’t be seen in the requested view with Ideate XRay.

See that deleting Spaces may also delete associated Space Tags with Ideate SmartDelete.

Quickly find and select ducts, fittings, and accessories with Ideate QuickSelect.

Ideate XRay

Ideate SmartDelete

Ideate QuickSelect

With IdeateApps, Revit MEP applications, users dramatically reduce the time they spend on tedious tasks, such as trying to understand how Scope boxes impact grid displays and why an air diffuser isn’t visible in the current view range. They keep their projects on time and on budget by avoiding accidental deletions, such as deleting dimensions associated with a pipe system or deleting electrical circuit tags with fixtures. And they speed through the process that used to take a lot of time, such as identifying and quantifying ducts, piping, and equipment and the process of understanding the MEP views that have been placed on a sheet.