We’ve been talking about leveraging BIM data for pre-construction and construction coordination tasks for years, but have never aggregated the juiciest bits into video format. So, for those of you who are Virtual Design & Construction specialists, consider taking 15 minutes out of your busy schedules to learn how Ideate BIMLink can utilize the BIM data in Revit to expedite pre-construction and construction tasks.



With Ideate BIMLink and Revit your team can:

  1.  Export point data from Revit for in-field coordination of foundation work, complex structural layout, or even duct hangar layout to ensure accuracy and expedite 4D modeling.
  2.  Import point (CSV) data from a total station into Revit for improved accuracy between the as-built and designed models.
  3.  Publish critical coordinate data inside of Revit for improved coordination across the team.

You can try Ideate BIMLink by downloading a free trial.

For more tips and tricks, visit our blog. For more information on our software add-ins that help customers get the most out of their Revit software, visit the Ideate Software website or contact your authorized Ideate Software partner.

About the Author

Glynnis Patterson, Revit expertGlynnis Patterson, NCARB — Director of Software Development
Glynnis is a Registered Architect and has worked within the BIM industry since 1998. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, she has worked as an architect, educator and construction site manager. Glynnis is currently the Director of Software Development at Ideate Software, and she continues to work with AEC clients worldwide, developing, and consulting on solutions to Building Information Modeling challenges. In her spare time Glynnis does volunteer work for ECLC of New Jersey and Grow it Green Morristown. Follow Glynnis on Twitter.

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Our Investment in Enhancing Room Data Features of Ideate BIMLink

This blog post is part of a series exploring the room data in Revit.

In this post, the second of four, I cover the newly enhanced information that Ideate Software is providing, specifically as it is accessible through Ideate BIMLink.

Ideate BIMLink is a powerful tool that exposes an expansive amount of data much more than is easily accessible from within Revit. Room data is an area that Ideate Software has made a significant investment in, allowing Ideate BIMLink to report on room data in a variety of situations beyond Revit capabilities.

New Room Data Features

For model elements in Revit, Ideate BIMLink finds room information in each of the following scenarios:

  • Rooms in different phases. Ideate BIMLink looks in the phase defined for the link first and then works backwards through the phases in which the element exists until it locates a room.
  • Rooms in design options. Ideate BIMLink will looks in rooms in design options and the main model for elements that exist in either the main model or a design option.
  • Rooms in linked files. If Ideate BIMLink does not find an associated room in the same model as the element, it will look in the linked files. The cases covered include:
    • Elements located in the main file and rooms located in the linked file.
    • Rooms located in the main file and elements located in the linked file.
    • Rooms located in a linked file and elements located in a different linked file.

NOTE: Data from linked rooms for doors and windows is only supported for families that are using the ‘Room Calculation Point.’

In addition to reporting room data for a given element more completely, Ideate BIMLink expands the scope data available by reporting on a greater array of elements. Columns, structural elements, and interior elevations are just some of the categories that are not supported in Revit but are supported in Ideate BIMLink. We also have room data in our multi-category links to help provide a complete picture of the model in one place.

Lighting Fixture Schedule without Room Data




Missing data within a Revit schedule because the room exists within a linked file.

When lighting fixtures exist in a different file than the rooms, Revit will not report values for the room fields.

Workflows Supported by the Expanded Room Data

With this information, Ideate BIMLink can empower all participants of the design process to utilize room information, even when they do not have control over the rooms. Existing Revit schedules can easily be used as a template for creating links in Ideate BIMLink. Once created, the schedule and the Excel export of the link can be compared side by side, allowing you to see the additional data. Here are a few of the workflows supported by the expanded room data:

  • Match up spaces in the MEP file with rooms in the architecture file
  • Furniture layouts in design options can be reported together with their rooms
  • Furniture in an FF&E file can include room information from the architecture file
  • Interior elevations can be renamed to reflect the name of the room they display
  • Electrical and ventilation equipment can be identified by the room in which it is located
  • Complete project data can be exported from a campus file, including data spanning multiple files

 Ideate BIMLink Link Room Properties






Lighting Fixture data, including important data related to rooms within a linked file

When the same lighting fixtures data is viewed in Ideate BIMLink, the room data from the linked file is reported.

Once the data is exposed, Excel can be used to generate reports, which can then be brought back into Revit using Ideate Sticky. The room data can also be copied to a custom parameter on the element for reporting in Revit schedules.

The enhanced room data is just one of the new features in Ideate BIMLink, recently released for Revit 2016, Revit 2017, and Revit 2018. Give it a try today, and feel free to contact us. We are always happy to discuss your workflow challenges.

For information on our Revit software add-ins that help our customers get the most out of their Revit software, visit the Ideate Software website or contact your authorized Ideate Software partner.

About the Author

Jesika DiGregorio - Software Team Lead Jesika received her Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oregon in Eugene where she also spent time studying advanced math. Her work experience includes Junior Designer at an award-winning firm specializing in architecture and land planning, and Intern Architect at a firm that provides services in planning, design, construction documents and construction administration for projects of all sizes. After working in architecture design for several years, Jesika decided to pursue her interest in programming and her love of efficient systems. She now serves as a Software Team Lead for Ideate Software.


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Will you be at Autodesk University (AU) in Las Vegas this week? 

If so, please visit us at booth #2570.

AU, the premier Autodesk software users event, is an ideal time for you to see a demonstration of IdeateApps, our newest collection of Autodesk Revit add–in tools. Spend a few minutes with us and see how you can use this collection, which we developed to streamline the tasks that daily Revit users perform most often, to:

•    Save time by quickly renumbering elements by selection, path, or auto–update
•    Minimize stress by learning the reasons an element is not visible in a certain view
•    Reduce rework by learning which elements will be deleted along with a selected element
•    Easily select and zoom to elements within the Revit project, template, of family file

Then, take advantage of our special offer to experience the power that Ideate Software offers by getting a three-month trial of the 2017 version of any or all of our products, including IdeateApps, for just $50.00 each. This special offer is good for software purchased with a credit card through December 16, 2016.

We hope to see you here! If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us at

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Join the Ideate Software tech experts for eLearning. Make the most of your Revit workflow with free, live, online classes that provide your entire organization with easy access to premium education. The following classes are at 11:30 Pacific / 2:30 Eastern. View the full Ideate Software classes & events schedule, including events in other time zones. We welcome questions, so come with challenges you’d like us to address. Register today to save your spot! 

September 27 // Ideate Sticky
Display non-BIM Data in Revit with Ideate Sticky
Revit is an outstanding tool for managing BIM data. But what about the critical non-BIM data, such as code checklists, design data, consultant’s data, project dashboard data, and general notes? Revit users have developed some creative workarounds, but each comes with challenges. Take this online class to see how Ideate Sticky solves the problem by enabling you to “stick” or link Excel files containing non-BIM data onto your Revit files. We will walk you through real-life examples, demonstrating how edits entered once in Excel are reflected in Sticky Schedules across multiple Revit projects. You will learn how Ideate Sticky can help you ensure that your entire team is always accessing the most current data. We welcome questions, so come with challenges you’d like us to address. ​ ​

October 6 // Ideate BIMLink
Simplify Revit Model Managment with Ideate BIMLink — REGISTER

Revit files are made up of massive amounts of data. Microsoft Excel enables quick and easy editing of massive amounts of this Revit data. Take this online class to see how you can use Ideate BIMLink to move data from your Revit file into Excel for editing, and then push it back into Revit with speed, ease, and accuracy. We will provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete some of the BIM tasks often requested by our customers, including creating and reviewing Placeholder Sheets, creating a Quantity Takeoff, managing Family names, completing a project-wide spell check, and managing Elevation names. You will learn how to dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on data management tasks while at the same time increasing the accuracy of your files. 

October 13 // Ideate Explorer
Audit Your Revit Projects with Ideate Explorer — REGISTER

Hidden DWGs, misplaced elements on Worksets, not following BIM standards, and other factors can negatively impact Revit file performance. Take this online class to see how to keep your Revit projects clean in just five minutes a week by using Ideate Explorer. Ideate Explorer is a Model Browser as opposed to a Project Browser, which means that it enables you to search through all 100,000+ elements in a Revit project with many different methods. We will walk you through the steps to inspect and clean up 10 key areas: Element Count; Model/Detail Lines/Keynotes and Revisions; Text and Dimensions; Families; Views; Grids, Levels, and Reference Planes; Groups; Worksets; and Imports. You will learn how to keep your Revit files in top working order while simplifying your quality control processes. ​

October 20 // Ideate BIMLink
Streamline Revit MEP Workflows with Ideate BIMLink — REGISTER

Your time is valuable. The accuracy of your Revit model is critical. Take this online class, designed specifically for MEP professionals, to get step-by-step instructions on how to complete five BIM tasks often requested by our MEP clients: managing Space Types for energy analysis, expediting duct accessory information, managing device data, addressing duplicate type marks, and managing data onsite and in the cloud with Google docs. Through our real-life examples, you will learn how to use Ideate BIMLink to pull data from Revit into Excel for easy and powerful editing, and then push it back into Revit with ease, speed, and accuracy.​​​

Click here for full class descriptions, times and registration links.

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Join Ideate Software for an hour-long webinar and learn how to maximize your efficiency on Revit projects, save time on typically tedious tasks, and diminish many common BIM workflow obstacles. You will learn about Ideate Explorer, Ideate BIMLink, and Ideate Sticky — all of which were recently updated to work with Revit 2017. The latest round of updates also includes new features and improvements our customers have requested.
If you are already using Ideate Software applications, be sure to use the “check for updates” feature to ensure you are using the latest software release specific for your version of Revit. If you do not currently use any Ideate Software applications, download a trial today and bring your questions to the class. 

Register today to reserve your spot!

Australia / Asia
Date: Wednesday, September 21
Time: 9:30am AWST / 11:30am AEST
Europe / Middle East / Africa
Date: Thursday, September 22
Time: 1:30pm BST / 2:30pm CEST
Date: Wednesday, September 21
Time: 11:30am PDT / 2:30pm EDT

Find Out More About Ideate Software:

Ideate Explorer
Learn how to audit, review, and maintain the health of your Revit project. Find hidden CAD imports and other culprits lurking in your Revit files that are impacting performance. Find, refine and revise elements, even those excluded from the project browser. Use Ideate Query to quickly find elements based on parameter values such as overridden dimensions or In-Place families. Easily maintain standards compliance. Ensure quality assurance and quality control. 

Ideate BIMLink
Learn how to edit the Revit data in Excel to manipulate data in Parameters, Sheets, Views, Rooms, & Families quickly in order to better manage your Revit projects. Edit parameters in schedules — and manage parameters NOT in schedules such as offset/elevation, sizes, Design Option, Scope Box, Revisions, etc. Rename families and types. Extend the BIM project team by using Excel to create and edit large amounts of data with ease.
Ideate Sticky
Learn how to link Excel Spreadsheets directly into your Revit project allowing maximum graphic fidelity, and extending the BIM Project team. Ideate Sticky manages “non-BIM” data such as code checklists, consultant data, general notes, subtotaled or matrix data, non-Revit electrical panels and more. The latest version of Ideate Sticky includes support for images so you can include lighting schedules, company logos, and more. Data and formatting can be changed within Ideate Sticky or Excel, and update automatically or at your command.

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